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We offer the easiest way to get started in racing. From arrive and drive consulting to coaching/consulting on your equipment... we have an option for you!
New to the sport...
So, you're looking to try sprint karting? Perfect, we're here to help! While the Briggs LO206 class is one of the most affordable sprint racing classes available, we understand you may not be ready just yet to invest in your own equipment. That's where we come in. We offer 100% arrive and drive packages to get you on the track simply, quickly, and safely. Whether it's a practice session, a race/event day, or anything in-between, we make it easy for you.
No gear? No problem! We have racing helmets, gloves, jackets, neck braces... pretty much everything needed to get you in the kart (size limits apply).
Want to come for a race day but not sure what to do? We got you covered there as well. In addition to the gear we will help take care of tire pressures, fuel, etc.
Own your equipment but still figuring this thing out? Easy... race under Kart Carolina and we can help get you going with our Consulting/Support program!
So it doesn't matter if it is an arrive and drive, consulting, a practice day, or race day... all you need to do is show up with close-toed shoes/sneakers and jeans, and we have the rest taken care of!
Currently available at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC and GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC - 7 days a week!!

Driving/Track Packages

Always wanted to race? Have you ever been inches from the ground at 60+ MPH? If your answer is no, you're missing out. That's where we come in! We offer several package options and the easiest way to get you into racing. Fun, relaxed, no real schedule... just turn some laps for a couple of hours to get a feel for the track, the kart, and everything in-between.

Our packages are designed to be one-on-one, so we are with you every step of the way as we introduce you to the sport of kart racing. This is a great, no-frills way to get comfortable with everything from the equipment, to the facilities, to the general flow of driving a kart on a race track.

We generally offer packages in time blocks which we have found works best for new/novice drivers. Cadet drivers between 8 and 10 years old must have previous karting experience. For drivers 10+, previous experience is highly recommended, but not required.

Below are the available arrive & drive packages using our equipment. If you have your own equipment and just need some consulting/coaching, check out our CONSULTING/SUPPORT options!

Cadet Karts: Fit drivers from 4'2" to 4'10" (estimates). Seats are small and are designed for slimmer builds
Jr/Sr Karts: Fit drivers from 5'2" to 5'8" (estimates). Seats are designed for slimmer builds.
* The size of the karts limit who will fit, so feel free to contact us before booking to confirm if your driver will fit in one of our karts

Arrive & Drive Packages:

INTRO Track Package

Included in this package:

  • Two (2) hour track experience
  • Time at track includes an intro to karting (Info, Q&A, track walk where possible)
  • Introductory guidance for the session
  • Full use of race-prepped kart
  • Kart stand
  • Fuel for the session
  • Tires for the session

Included at no additional cost (if needed):

  • Full required safety gear: Helmet, neck brace, gloves, racing jacket (Junior and Senior only)


Platinum Track Package

Included in this package:

  • Three (3) hour track experience
  • Full use of race-prepped kart
  • Kart stand
  • Fuel for the session
  • Tires for the session
  • General tuning
  • General driver guidance/coaching
  • Racing Computer (MyChron)*

Included at no additional cost (if needed):

  • Full required safety gear: Helmet, neck brace, gloves, racing jacket (Junior and Senior only)


Race / Event Packages

Now the real fun begins! The LO206 classes have seen spectacular growth over the last few seasons, and now you can be a part of it!

Race days are a ton of fun in a great, family-friendly environment. Our goal is to introduce you to a race day the easiest way possible.  The racing is exciting, but we're always having fun. I mean, if you're not having fun karting... what's the point?!

We offer several packages for race/event days depending on your needs and can tweak accordingly. So suit up and come on out b/c we love having new racers join us! The Racing Packages are currently available for club/track events only.

Have your own kart? Awesome... we provide track/race consulting for that as well!

Race consulting typically includes getting the kart and driver to the pits, assistance unloading kart from kart stand, wheeling kart to grid, starting kart prior to session, assistance loading kart onto stand after session, then bringing kart back to tent area for each session. This is in addition to any tuning support.

Racing Packages:

GoPro Motorplex Race Package 

Included in this package:

  • Full use of race-prepped kart
  • Kart Stand
  • Fuel for the event
  • Set of tires for the event (New Tires will NOT be provided by Kart Carolina but can be purchased at the track by the client/drivers discretion.)
  • Tuning for the event (tire pressures, gear changes, basic setup)
  • Race consulting
  • Driver guidance
  • MyChron Racing Computer
  • Data Analysis (RPMs, lap times, etc)
  • GoPro/Video analysis (if equipped)

Included at no additional cost (if needed):

  • Full required safety gear: Helmet, neck brace, gloves, racing suit (Jr & Sr only)
  • Registration assistance

Cadet Class: $575
Jr/Sr/Masters: $600

** 2022 SCHEDULE **

Current Race Dates Available (GoPro Motorplex)

All dates are Saturday unless otherwise noted:

  • Feb 19th
  • March 19th
  • April 23rd
  • May 28th
  • June 18th
  • ?July 23rd
  • Aug 20th
  • Sept 24th
  • Sept 25th (Sun)
  • Nov 12th
  • Nov 13th (Sun)
  • Dec 3rd


  • All pricing and packages are based on one driver using one kart for one event. Please contact us for other options.
  • All arrive & drive race packages must be reserved and paid for at least one week prior to the event date to allow for proper kart allocation and prep
  • "Extra" items like tires, transponders, etc are available on a first-come/first-serve basis
  • Track/Event fees are separate, additional, and vary by location/event.
  • Racing packages are currently available for GoPro Motorplex club/track events only.

  * You must have completed at least 1 track session with us and be able to run minimum lap times to participate in arrive & drive race days. Contact Us for more details.


Consulting (Coaching / Support)

Currently available at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC for every club race/event. Contact us regarding availability at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC. Regional/National events available on an event by event basis...

So you own a kart, but still are not very familiar with some of the processes or basic setup? No problem... we can help you there as well to make your adjustment simple and fun!

New to the sport...

If you've never owned a kart it is likely you have questions. How much air do I use in my tires, what gear do I run, where should I add weight, etc. These are all things you learn as you become familiar with racing. These are also things that we can help with!

Run a few races or a whole season with us, it's up to you! Either way, we will commit ourselves to get you comfortable with your equipment so that you can have fun racing while learning the secrets of speed.

Once you are comfortable with your kart and are ready to take the next step, we can refer you to one of the many race teams available in this area. They can provide enhanced tuning to help you get the most from your machine and to help you compete at a higher level with the top local, regional, and national drivers.

We are not a traditional race team... we simply offer you trackside consulting to help you get into racing and get comfortable with your equipment. You will be very hands-on doing most of the work yourself with us there to guide and support you. Due to this, we are able to offer very competitive rates. There is no one size fits all, so let us know what your needs are and we are happy to discuss the options with you! Please contact us through the site and we'll be happy to get back to you!

Below are the current options followed by an explanation of some of our services. Pricing is per class. If you'd like to run multiple classes, let us know!

*Please note - All pricing below is for GoPro Motorplex. Please contact us regarding availability and pricing for Carolina Motorsports Park.

Track Day Options:

Practice/Track Consulting


Up to 2 hours: $225

Up to 3 hours: $265

Race Day:

Race/Event Consulting

(Club/ Regional/ National Track Event)


(event day under ?our tent)

Current 2022 Race Dates Available (GoPro Motorplex)

All dates are Saturday unless otherwise noted:

  • Feb 19th
  • Mar 19th
  • Apr 23rd
  • May 28th
  • June 18th
  • July 23rd
  • Aug 20th
  • Sep 24th
  • Sept 25th (Sun)
  • Nov 12th
  • Nov 13th (Sun)
  • Dec 3rd

* Please note that all consulting and coaching packages are setup as time AT the track, NOT time on the track. Actual track time will vary based on several factors including track volume, etc. Additionally, the client is responsible for all track fees plus any fees associated with their kart. For race events, track times are managed by the event and/or the sanctioning body.

See below for descriptions of the CONSULTING/COACHING/SUPPORT options we have available for you!

Practice/Track Day Consulting - The best way to learn about your kart is to ask questions. Bring your own kart, tools, parts, and other equipment and we will work with you during your practice session. We will assist with setup, answer any questions you may have, and supply driver coaching/guidance. Starting at $225...

Race/Event Consulting (Club) - Race under our tent where we will guide you through your race day. As above you'll bring your own kart, tools, parts, and other equipment to the track and you'll pit with us. We encourage all owners to be hands-on along with us and we will be there to offer guidance with setup, part changes, and basic driver guidance. We will also go through the prep checklist ourselves to ensure your kart is ready to go each session.  This is really the best way to learn the ins and outs of your equipment. Starting at $300...

Race/Event Consulting (Regional/National) - Race under our tent where we will guide you through the regional/national racing experience. As above you'll bring your own kart, tools, parts, and we will either consult under your pit area, or you'll pit with us. Owners/Drivers and their families will need to be very hands-on as this type of racing is more in-depth than club racing and these races are typically multiple day events. Starting at $300 (minimum 2 days)...

Kart Prep - After any given event we will bring your kart to our shop in order to clean your kart, change oil, change tires, and do whatever is needed to prepare the kart for your next event. This option is set up in advance to ensure we have space in our trailer and facilities for your equipment. Starting at $95. Actual prices vary based on required services...

And more - As mentioned, there is no one size fits all approach, so let us know what you need and we are happy to discuss options!


That's it... you're hooked now.

It's OK... it's how most of us got into it as well. Few kart rentals at an indoor track, then an outdoor track... then you get into a racing kart and that's it... permanent smiles!

No matter where you race, you'll have fun. Karters are some of the nicest people you'll meet. Always willing to help each other, and always having fun, on and off the track. Don't get me wrong, when we're racing we all want to win, but we race hard, clean, and when it's over... time to swap stories over a beverage (both adult and non-adult). Some even say the camping before or after the race is as much fun as the race. I guess that's subjective, but the bottom line is that it's a great experience no matter what!

Our promise is that we will offer you a competitive and affordable package to get you started. We can also support you with parts for your kart or for you (racing gear) as well as helping you learn the ins and outs of your equipment.

All karts are ready to race and delivered with a neutral setup allowing you to tune the kart to your liking and your track. Shipping is available to the lower 48 United States.

Sell on Consignment:

With a network that reaches hundreds locally at the various facilities and extends to thousands via the internet through Facebook and Instagram, we can create an ad for your kart to get it sold quickly! With options starting as low as 10% of the listing price we can help you turn your kart into cash. Contact us for more information about the available consignment options!

Race Consulting/Support Available:

If you're new to the sport and are looking for some help, we are able to provide it! It does not matter where you purchase your kart through... Kart Carolina offers race support to help you get up and running with ease. Be sure to visit our CONSULTING section for more information!

Parts Packages Available:

Junior/Senior Packages:

  • None at the moment, but inventory changes regularly!

Cadet Packages:

  • None at the moment, but inventory changes regularly!